Call for international solidarity against the massive and systematic violations of human rights in Haiti

29 / 11 / 2020

To local and international human rights organizations
To labor, political, social and popular organizations around the world
To international personalities sensitive to the rights and interests of peoples
To Nobel Peace Prize winners and political and intellectual personalities from all over the world
To the High Council for International Cooperation and Solidarity
To activists and internationalists
To the peoples in struggle,

We, the organizations, artists and personalities who have signed this call for international solidarity, are committed to the struggle led for several years by the Haitian people against the programmed decay of the country, based, among other things, on the partial loss of national sovereignty, corruption at the highest level of government leaders, impunity, and the lack of respect for the elementary rules of public morality, State criminality, the inferiority of public institutions, the contempt for life, especially that of the popular masses(1), the indifference and unspeakable hostility of the former slave, colonial and racist powers, which have now become imperialist powers, towards Haiti and their almost total control over the major decisions concerning Haiti.
The situation has continued to worsen and is becoming more and more worrisome with the maintenance in power of a criminal and corrupt mafia political regime, resulting from rigged elections, benefiting from the undue support of a set of foreign governments or imperialist powers and international organizations including the United Nations (UN) through a structure called the Core Group(2). During the last thirty (30) years, the UN Security Council has been sending missions to Haiti, which are often real occupying forces, to supposedly resolve the political crises facing Haiti.
On the contrary, these missions have constantly contributed to worsening crisis situations. The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is a living example. It brought cholera to the country in October 2010, murdered several hundred Haitian men and women and raped young people, especially women.
In addition, the living conditions of the population have continued to deteriorate with frightening rapidity due in particular to the disengagement of the State, the opening of the market, the excessive devaluation of the national currency, the dizzying increase in the prices of basic necessities, poverty, social inequalities etc… At the same time, in less than ten (10) years, this corrupt regime and other state leaders that preceded it, have plundered more than four billion dollars (US) from the PetroCaribe Fund, established under an Agreement signed between Venezuela and Haiti, in addition to other sums squandered in the public treasury each year through the national budget.
Furthermore, in less than three (3) years, more than nine (9) massacres have been perpetrated in the neighborhoods of La Saline, Tokyo, Carrefour-Feuilles, Bel-Air, Pont Rouge, Cité Soleil, Shada 2 (in Cap-Haitian), among others, with the complicity of local and international allies of the ruling power, which has taken advantage of the situation to establish armed gangs in various geographic departments of the country. Reports presented by various human rights organizations clearly indicate that the massacres were orchestrated by leaders at the highest level of the state and bandits working on behalf of the PHTK regime currently in power. An RNDDH(3) investigative report published on June 23, 2020, indicates that the ruling team has federated armed gangs and their allies under the name G9 an fanmi e alye (G9 in family and allies). All of this contributes to plunge the Haitian people into a situation of enormous distress that requires active international solidarity that can stop this decency in the underworld.

Hence this call for international solidarity, which does not imply, however, a request for a new UN mission or humanitarian aid. Rather, it is an appeal to peoples in struggle, to organizations and personalities sensitive to the rights and interests of peoples, to support us in denouncing a bloody regime that systematically violates human rights in Haiti and in demanding respect for the self-determination of the Haitian people.

We thank in advance all the organizations and personalities who will respond positively to this call for solidarity.
NB. Addresses and telephone numbers of some Haitian leaders:

The indicted President, Jovenel MOÏSE,
Phone : : (509) 36231781 / (509) 29920128 Email : /

The de facto Prime Minister, Joseph JOUTHE
Phone : (509) 37408196 / 22210028 Email : / /

The Protector of Citizens (Office for the Protection of the Citizen), Renand HEDOUVILLE
Phone : (509) 37158789 Email :

The Director General of the Haitian National Police, Leon Charles
Phone : (509) 38381111 Email :


(1) The document accompanying this appeal provides further details on the developing situation in Haiti. (2) It is a grouping in Haiti composed of the United Nations Special Representative, the Special Representative of the Organization of American States, the Ambassadors of the United States, France, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Spain and Brazil.
(3) National Network for the Defense of Human Rights ( ,, “Attacks against underprivileged neighborhoods: RNDDH demands an end to the protection of armed gangs by the authorities in power”, 23 June 2020.


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