Fowòm Politik Sosyopwofesyonèl Pwogresis Ayisyen (FPSPA – Haitian Progressive Socio-professional forum on politics)

Port-au-Prince, Friday, February 5, 2021

We, Haitian Progressive Socioprofessionals, signatories of the present document, learned with amazement, consternation, and concern of the support project for the “electoral process in Haiti” signed between the United Nations Integrated Office (BINUH) and the current Haitian government.

According to a press release dated January 27, 2021, posted on the United Nations System Press Center, (technical, operational, and logistical) support involves BINUH and four United Nations agencies (UNDP, UNOPS, UN Women and UNESCO). And following a request from the Government of the Republic of Haiti, support will be carried out under the leadership of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). We were particularly careful to note, in this communication, that there is reference to an assessment that would have been carried out by the United Nations on the current situation in the country.

This document aims to:

  1. Alert the public opinion of countries said to be friends of Haiti, the international civil society – on the policies that the United Nations has been pursuing for more than ten years in Haiti. UN policies in Haiti is leading the population to social dislocation and moral and physical distress.
  2. Denounce the marked contempt of BINUH for the legitimate aspirations of the Haitian people for democracy, justice, and well-being.
  3. Invite BINUH to pull itself together so as not to be complicit in a new disaster as it was the case with the introduction of cholera in the country in 2010.

Except to be in a business of premature dismemberment, of a cynical and systematic denial of reality, or to be in total disconnection with the daily suffering of the Haitian people, the leaders of BINUH cannot pretend to ignore the climate of terror that working-class neighborhoods experience, the passivity or complicity of the police in the face of growing insecurity in the country.

As February 7, 2021 approaches, the date marking the end of Jovenel Moise’s constitutional term, and political tensions are increasingly exacerbated in the country, which Haitian would not want to know what evaluation grids and indicators BINUH selected to claim that the present conjuncture is favorable for constitutional reform as well as elections?

Certainly, Mr. Moise would like to change the Constitution of Haiti on his own in order to remain in power and bring Haiti back to the accursed times of the dictatorship where, a single man (After God) had power over life or death of an entire population, but fortunately this was not yet been accomplished. The whole country is resisting and BINUH knows it!

Also, we, Haitian Progressive Socio-professionals, consider this press release from the United Nations System in Haiti as pure provocation, an insult to the intelligence of Haitian citizens living both in Haiti and abroad. It should be ignored had it did not risk contributing to the bloodshed of Haitians.

In addition, in light of our observations that all the positions and actions taken in the Haitian crisis by organs of the United Nations System in Haiti contribute to the strengthening of dictatorial practices, arbitrariness, and the exacerbation of conflicts, which installed the country into a lasting chaos since 2004, We, Haitian Progressive Socio-professionals, consider it our responsibility to warn international public opinion that the unconditional support of the international community for a tyrant is likely to lead to a carnage in Haiti. The whole world is warned! Already in 2019, we warned the Core Group against allowing the international community to replay the genocide of Rwanda in Haiti!

At this stage, even if it is obvious that the BINUH, in its deviation from its mission, has long since deviated from its vocation, it is not bad form to recall the mandate for which it is committed to Haiti, namely:

« Advise the government of Haiti to promote and strengthen political stability and good governance, including the rule of law, preserve and foster a peaceful and stable environment including supporting an inclusive national dialogue among Haitians, and protect and promote human rights. »

Today, in Haiti, we are far from it all! BINUH draws up political guidelines that only serve the interests of the current regime and that systematically ignore the country’s laws and constitution. The constitutional reform project as well as the scheduling of elections without an electoral list is a perfect example of the misdeeds of BINUH on the political environment in Haiti.

How can we speak of the rule of law and a peaceful environment when the United Nations, through the voice of the Secretary General, recognizes that the strengthening of gangs by federating them is a political success for BINUH, while ignoring the fate of citizens victims of these gangs federated by BINUH? How can we speak of an inclusive national dialogue between Haitians when the BINUH and the Core Group are doing everything they can to force the Haitian people to accept the “fait accompli” of the dictatorship that is being set up with the help of the United Nations?

As a reminder, Mr. Jovenel Moise, hand-picked by Mr. Michel Martelly (2011-2016), managed as his mentor to never organize elections during his entire five-year term (2016-2021). As a tyrannical and malicious strategist, he has maneuvered since 2018 to be the sole master on board. The electoral cycle to renew the institutions guaranteeing the rule of law that should have seen the light of day two years after taking office has never taken place.

In such a context, and when the term of the current regime ends constitutionally on February 7, 2021 (in two days), is it understandable that the United Nations System not only is talking about elections, but is pushing the provocation to the point of approving the disbursement of funds for a wobbly, contested structure without legitimacy, in its attempt to usurp the role of the Electoral Council?

With the agreement of January 25, 2021, BINUH spits on all the sovereign institutions of the country, in particular the Court of Appeals that refused to receive the nominations for candidacy from those who had sullied Haitian democracy and the Superior Court of Accounts that declared illegal, unconstitutional, and fraudulent all the requests made by these usurpers.

We therefore call on the international solidarity of civil societies and democrats around the world to prevent the Haitian population from once again falling victim to a predictable and preventable disaster.

We, Haitian Progressive Socio-professionals, reiterate our firm and invariable commitment to participate relentlessly in all the collective efforts of the Haitian population to demand a) respect for the country’s institutions, b) respect for constitutional deadlines, c) the setting up of a progressive transition of rupture leading to the satisfaction of the claims to access to a decent livable minimum, to social justice and to the right to self-determination as well as d) the carrying out of trials for blood crimes, financial crimes, etc. … For us, the full satisfaction of these demands constitutes the prerequisite for any election where legitimate, credible, honest, worthy, and upright leaders will come to prioritize the wishes and the legitimate needs of the Haitian population!

Long Live February 7, 2021 !

The following are the signatories:

ALPHONSE, Maïle, Feminist

AZOR, Rodianco Fils, Administrator, Teacher

BELONY, Berthanie, Teacher, Feminist activist, Medical student

BLANC, Judite, Ph.D., Research Psychologist, Researcher in population health

CHARLES, Iznala, Chemist

CHERY, Pierre-Michel, Writer

COMEAU, Marie-Danielle, Physician, Anthropologist  

DARBOUZE, James, Philosopher, Research-Professor, Independent worker

DORLISME, Memory Sadam M. Junior, Physician

DUMERJUSTE, Dyemy, Emergency Physician

DUPLESSIS, James, Physician

JEAN, Jeffrey, Philosopher, Physician

JEANPAUL, Ludwy René, IT Consultant, Lecturer

LAMOUR, Sabine, Feminist Sociologist

LANEAU, Pierre Max Gabriel, Accountant

LUCIEN, Georges-Eddy, Historian Geographer, Research-Professor

MICHEL, M. J. Junior, Anthropologist, Trainer

PIERRE, Anderson, Social Communicator

PIERRE, Boutroce Gally, Physician, Activist

PIERRETOUSSAINT, Jean Médy, Administrator, Independent worker

SEVERE, Jean-Paul, Physician

For authentication:

Darbouze, James, + (509) 32 37 54 95

Jean Medy Pierre Toussaint, + (509) 37 48 48 28

P.S. This note remains open for signature by Haitian progressive socio-professionals.

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