Port-au-Prince, Monday, February 24, 2021

On February 4, 2021, with the approach of the expiration of Mr. Jovenel Moise’s constitutional mandate (2016-2021), we, the signatories of this note, launched a call for solidarity to international civil society in order to denounce the unconditional support of the United Nations to Jovenel Moise’s regime. Our call wanted to prevent the tyrannical excesses of the current government and alert the public opinion of countries known as friends of Haiti, and all members of the international civil society –about bad consequences of the policy led by the United Nations in Haiti, for more than ten years.

We denounced BINUH’s contempt and discrimination for the legitimate aspirations of the Haitian people for democracy, justice, and well-being; and insisted on the fact that UN policy is leading the Haitian population to social dislocation and moral and physical distress.

Even though in defiance of the Haitian Constitution (art 134-2), since February 7, 2021, Mr. Moise remains in power, illegally, by force of arms and the unconditional support of diplomats from the Core Group, the United Nations (UN) and Organization of American States (OAS); but in response to our call, voices from all over the world raise for:

1) denouncing establishment of a new tyranny in Haiti, thirty-five (35) years after the dictatorship of the Duvalier (1957-1986);

2) calling governments of so-called democratic states (USA, Canada, France…) to stop supporting the establishment of a tyrannical regime against the Haitian population’s will.

In our own names and in that of the Haitian people, aspiring to a life of dignity, well-being and freedom, we want to thank all those voices!

However, the work is not yet complete. As an author [MOU1]  observed the past century, as fascism approaches in Germany, “it is not enough to express sympathy for the victims, we have to become stronger, in order to overthrow and suffocate the executioner.” We, ourselves in Haiti are in a similar situation. A first step has been taken, it is necessary to consolidate with Haiti’real friends, more confident steps.

Since 2004, the United Nations is based in Haiti. For more than fifteen years, under various labels (MINUSTAH, MINUJUSTH, BINUH), the organization has been involved in everything happening in the country. Recently, the UN Secretary General (Mr. Antonio GUTTERES) congratulated the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (Ms. Helen Ruth MEAGHER LA LIME) for federating criminal gangs close to Jovenel Moise’s regime. While this federation serves as an army of terror consolidating Mr. Moise’s personal power. As Professor Robert FATTON noted, all policy implemented by the UN system in Haiti always corresponds to the US vision for the country, it results there is no possibility that the current Haitian situation is the result of random or bad luck.

Faced with the persistence of demands for democracy, justice, well-being and freedom from the Haitian population, the guardians of the world order decided that an authoritarian regime is needed to limit these popular inclinations while ignoring the population. So, they actively choose to supportthat the government of Mr. Moise relies on the police, the army, the shock gangs integrated into the National Police and civilian armed gangs rather than on a parliament and popular participation. To frighten the population, they agreed that Mr. Moise and the whole clique of PHTK criminals in power ruin the country in ten years (2011-2021), lower civilization and always bring more savagery to Haitian environment.

Recently, a five (5) year old girl, Olsmina JEAN-MEUS, kidnapped on February 5, while she was playing in her neighborhood, was strangled by her kidnappers because her mother, Nadège SAINT-HILAIRE, a poor peanut street vendor was unable to pay four-thousand-dollar (US $ 4,000.00) ransom requested in a country where more than half of the population lives on less than two (2) US dollars a day according to data from the World Bank. On February 7, Mrs. SAINT-HILAIRE was called to come and recover the lifeless body of her little girl, who was strangled.

In addition, on February 6, 2021, Mr. Romario SAINTRILICE, while filming Delmas 48 street where he has lived since his birth in 1990, was arrested by agents of the elite SWAT Team unit who beaten and left him for dead. Urgently rushed to hospital, Mr. SAINTRILICE died of a hemorrhage as a complication of his aggression (a video is available). It is to be noted that Mr. SAINTRILICE was affected by a disability that prevented him from running to protect his life as the police officers were approaching.

Under the monitoring of the United Nations and international powers, every day dozens of men and women are kidnapped, raped, murdered if they are not releasedagainst ransom. From 2017 to 2021, more than a dozen massacres were perpetrated in working-class neighborhoods by paramilitary groups close to power, supported by specialized units of the National Police (formed with the money of American, Canadian and European, Latin Americans and Africans taxpayers), 85% of the West department is under the control of armed gangs, political opponents are shot dead in the street and international mercenaries are recruited to assassinate demonstrators demanding better living conditions.

Actually, Mr. Jovenel Moise created an institutional vacuum by choosing to ignore the path traced by the Haitian Constitution of 1987 (amended in 2011). And while February 7, 2021 sounded the expiration delay for his tyrannical regime, OAS, BINUH and foreign embassies continue to make their contribution to this de facto regime going so far as to uphold him to remain in power illegally in order to change the Haitian constitution.

This is why we are calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take into account the human and political tragedy that the Haitian peoples are undergoing. We call on Attorney General Fatou BENSOUDA to initiate an investigation.

Haitian Justice being on its knees and the judges are being controlled by the dictator’s rule, we call for concerted international public action against the officials of the Haitian government MM. Jovenel MOISE (former President), Jouthe JOSEPH (former Prime Minister), Rockefeller VINCENT (former Minister of Justice), Léon CHARLES (Acting Chief of Police), Claude JOSEPH (former Minister of Foreign Affairs) etc. … this action must also be carried out against international diplomats based in Haiti in particular, Helen Ruth MEAGHER LA LIME, Josette SHEERAN, Michèle Jeanne SISON, Sylvie TABESSE, Fernando HIRALDO, Bruno LEMARQUIS, Stuart SAVAGE, Dede EKOUE, Cristobal DUPOUY, Luis ALMAGRO.

We call on the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as international civil society to prosecute all these people for crimes against humanity, mass crimes, genocide and not assisting a population in danger.

Against the tyranny, the triumph of lies, violence and macabre ploys of the death merchants, for justice, democracy and the dignity of the Haitian people, we invite the real friends of the Haitian people, the true Democrats, all over the world, to give a wide echo to this call.

The following are the signatories:

ANTOINE, Augustin, Sociologist, Professor at l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti

BEAUBRUN, Jean Fritz, Sociologist, Teacher

BELONY, Berthanie, Teacher, Feminist activist, Medical student

BELTIS, James, Sociologist

BENOIT EWALD, Jessie, Civil Engineer, Feminist activist

BLANC, Judite, Ph.D., Research Psychologist, Researcher in population health

BOLIVAR, Faubert, Teacher, Writer

BOURSIQUOT, Marie Françoise, Anthropologist-Sociologist, Feminist activist

CAYO, Sheyla, Administrative-Assistant,Feminist Activist

CHERY, Pierre-Michel, Writer

CLERVEAU, Michelet, Geographer, Research-Professor

DARBOUZE, James, Philosopher, Research-Professor, Independent worker

GUERRIER, Pierre-André, Agronomist

HENRY, Jean Claude, Teacher

JEAN, Jeffrey, Philosopher, Physician

JEAN-FRANCOIS, Sonel, Lawyer

JEAN-LOUIS, Milien, Philosopher, Teacher

JEANPAUL, Ludwy René, IT Consultant, Lecturer

JOSEPH, Alexandra, Agronomist

LAMOUR, Sabine, Feminist, Sociologist

LEBLANC, Jean Benoit Daniel, Anthropologist-Sociologist, Teacher

LEMAIRE, Dilia, Lawyer

LUCIEN, Georges-Eddy, Historian, Geographer, Research-Professor

MICHEL, Fresner, Philosopher, Geographer, Research-Professor

MICHEL, M. J. Junior, Anthropologist, Trainer

MICHEL, Rose Miche Annette, Social Worker/ Gender Specialist and sanitation

OSNA, Walner, Sociologist (Ph.D. Candidate)

PIERRE, Anderson, Social Communicator

PIERRETOUSSAINT, Jean Médy, Administrator, Independent worker

PAUL, Emanuela, Sociologist, Feminist

ROMELUS, Marie Isnise, Social Worker, Feminist, Trainer in Human Rights

SAINT-PREUX, Hervé, Geographer, Research-Professor

For authentication:

Darbouze, James, + (509) 32 37 54 95

Jean Medy Pierre Toussaint, + (509) 37 48 48 28

P.S. This note remains open for signature by Haitian progressive socio-professionals.

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