Thoughtful, Committed Anthropologists

Teaching often gets short shrift, unfortunately. It’s also a vital role in training critical citizenship skills, an important tool in an activist toolkit. In our case, inspiring an anthropological imagination. I always learn, and hope my students don’t mind the ride. Actually I wrote my last book specifically as a teacher, in “Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems.:

One of the things both my students and I look forward to is interviewing other really amazing anthropologists in this same class, “Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems.” It’s really cool that many activists I admire explicitly say the same thing: teaching is important.

Here are three such interviews, already published:

Dana-Ain Davis

Josiah Heyman

Julie Maldonado

…and a recent audio interview with me on my newest book, Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti.

More to come!

I’m also wondering if this platform would be useful to share our own expertise… a searchable, online database. When I listen to the news and hear about environmental justice in India, or the untimely death of Berta Cáscares, or violence against women in Russia, one of my first instincts is to check in with an anthropologist to get a holistic, culturally and historically, ethnographically grounded analysis beyond the 15 seconds I just received.

Interested? Email me.

Here is a shortlist of the anthroposse… more to come.

Madelaine Adelman

Ana Aparicio

Dana Bardolph

Kristen Borré

Orisanmi Burton

Melissa Checker

Heide Castañeda

Dana-Ain Davisinterview

Ilana Feldman

Patricia Foxen

Ruth Gomberg Muñoz

Hillary Haldane

Faye Venetia Harrison

Jane Henrici

Josiah Heymaninterview

Christine Ho

Susan Brin Hyatt

Mitch Irwin

Barbara Rose Johnston

Elgin Klugh

William Lopez

Julie Koppel Maldonadointerview

John Marlovits

Emily McKee

Micah Morton

Sameena Mulla

April Petillo

Kurt Rademaker

Cheryl Rodriguez

Susan Russell

Ida Susser

Deborah Thomas

Kendall Thu

Bianca Williams